Thursday, 8 July 2010

Muse is asleep!

How dare she be asleep! I was all geared up for writing. Decided to do a few blog bits. That was my fatal mistake.

Emailed details for my meme early.
Updated some of books for slideshows on my review blog.
Wrote a review.
Went through emails and rearranged them. Answered them (must do google mail emails...)
Skimmed through blog posts on FeedDemon (I only replied to like one post. Or maybe two. Time is precious for Muse)
Shook fist at Blogger Gremlins when they played up.

Muse is waving at me from far away. Tomorrow, she promises.

Yes. Tomorrow. Apart from 2 errands, and 3 reviews to write up, I'm free for writing. Yay! There is something to be said for getting ahead on Thursday evening.

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