Friday, 9 July 2010

I'm writing!

I've transferred the file to the correct place, put it in MS Word, fiddled around with the document (so it's now how I like it). Naturally as a writer I must procrastinate before applying fingers to keyboard.

I'm going to finish off chapter 1 of The Fairy Pirate tonight. It's a little strange writing for younger readers. Strange in the fact that what is needed is different to my YA wips. Chapters are a lot shorter for starters. I'm undecided which is more daunting:  knowing I have to fill two pages on The Fairy Pirate for a chapter, or that I need around four for Inescapable Ties (YA wip).

If anyone writes two ranges of books like this (for different genres/readerships) I'd appreciate any advice/suggestions you may have.

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