Monday, 14 June 2010

Muse here!

Hi all! Muse here!

Life is busy for my Means of Communication With The Outside World (also known as Nayu). There's this computer course where she works, and sadly it terminates on 28th June. Due to slightly obscure testing times, Nayu pretty much has 1 day in the week to take the exams. 2 were taken today (2 were taken prior to today). She spent the entire weekend (virtually) revising for them.

So this week will be revising the last 3 modules, one involving MS Access which she hasn't dealt with much. So all time is devoted to revision and relaxation (it took 8 hours just to get through the Excell module). Hence the heavy downtime in posts. After next Monday (hopefully) more time can be spent doing the more enjoyable things in life.

I mean, who cares whether it's protocol/domain/url or the order they go into on a web address? (No prizes for correct suggestions).

Anyway, I'm trying to work her, but she's a little frazzled. Exams are stressful. Even non-essential ones.

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