Wednesday, 16 June 2010

1.4k written, and chapter six is done.

Yeah, didn't expect to write this week. But somehow I squeezed in 20mins of writing before work, and 50 mins just now. It's amazing how much more I write with limited time, than with oodles of time available.

Chapter 6 is done. Safiya is in deep trouble. It involves jewel encrusted sheets, and that's all I'm saying :)

Chapter 7 will happen tomorrow. Today I've spent most of it involved in PowerPoint. I've learnt a fair few cool new tricks with it. Passed my mock test. Real thing on Monday. Treating myself to icecream and cherries tonight.

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GMR said...

Hope the ice cream was good...and good luck on the REAL test! I'm sure you'll do fine.... ^_^