Thursday, 8 April 2010

PSP saga

Here's the small saga of my psp.

  • Monday night
  • Lots of whoohoos and squees when I discovered that I can get Final Fantasy 7 & Final Fantasy 8 for the psp. Why such a big deal? They are part of my favourite computer series. FF7 is on permanent loan to a friend (with my old playstation) and FF8 needs replacing because of scratches on the discs.
  • So I downloaded the software to go onto the psp store....only to discover I needed an update for it.
  • And....hey, my battery wasn't charged enough to initiate the update. Even though it was plugged in! So I charged it until....
  • Tuesday night
  • I updated my psp...(it took a while), got onto the website. Bought the two games (nice and cheap). Tried to download....
  • ....but my memory card wasn't big enough. So I ordered one. Estimate delivery date? Saturday. I'm off cat sitting for a bit, so planned to pop back Sunday to collect it.
  • Thursday (today)
  • Received the memory card several days ahead of schedule. Yay! Put it in. Downloaded ff8.
  • Only the battery seemed to die. Tried to access the game and hey, got a 'corrupted data' message.
  • Much grumbling ensued.
  • Got power adapted...plugged it in.
  • Note: I had noticed it was fussy in charging lately.
  • PSP failed to charge. *panic sets in*
  • Tried it for 10 minutes. Pleaded, prayed (prayers worked). Still dodgy connection.
  • Tried a different adaptor (my psp isn't english, so it has a 2 pin plug). Nothing.
  • Started looking where to buy one.
  • Because I'm a firm believer in googling everything, I googled my question.
  • Guess what. Other people had the same problem. It's not the adaptor!
  • With more prayers, I removed the battery, plugged it back in....held my breath and switched it on.
  • It works!
Conclusion: the battery is dead.

I got the psp years ago when parents were on holiday. I'm going to try and find a replacement battery (unsure how successful I will be because it is an old version). It's not the end of the world if I can't find a battery because I only ever play it in a house...where there is always a free plug.

I am really happy that it works. I am downloading ff8 for the 2nd time as we speak. I'm hoping it works!

That has been my drama of the week :)

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