Thursday, 8 April 2010

Night off writing.

All this week I've been pretty hyper. About games (which had O.O moment during psp saga), about my wip (which is getting good feedback from betas. It isn't perfect, deep down I knew it wasn't. And they've only had the first chapter! I love betas who read as I write).

Yesterday and today I was insanely hyper. I knew it would come to an abrupt halt. Because insanely hyper means I just go along doing this. Hyper = energy. I lack energy most days for health reasons. And now all I want to do is slump :) Not sleep, not slob, slump. Possibly read (so long as the book isn't heavy going) Definitely relax.

I am downloading psp games (yay) and hoping i might get to play them tonight. But downloading takes a while. So I will possibly do a blog post on a look back at march, figure out what to do (and when to celebrate) my blogversary. Stuff which I can do without much thought, which still makes me feel like I've been productive.

Update: Going to either game, or watch dvds. Brain is rapidly going to sleep. *yawn*


Amy Allgeyer Cook said...

Sleep is good. Enjoy the rest!

Rosalind Adam said...

Sometime we all have to slump. I don't think anyone can writer day after day without having a slump. Hope you had a good rest.