Thursday, 11 February 2010

Tomorrow = edit fest!

Muse is very happy because I've delegated tomorrow as Her Day. Aside from a few errands, she is free to edit and write All Day Long.

She's particularly excited because she's at the stage where she's going through the manuscript: reading betas' comments, then highlighting under the following system

  • red = delete from the book and idea bank forever (although sometimes just radically change it)
  • green = keep but move/change
  • turquoise = beta A's thoughts
  • yellow = beta B's thoughts
  • pink = my thoughts
It looks really pretty. Now, in theory I might get most/all of it done tomorrow because it is only 35k long (looking to double with new subplots). But I'm quite sure other things will happen and this might not get completed.

Thanks to Muse's enthusiasm it led to not writing up a review tonight. The deal is she'll write two up tomorrow. Maybe more. It depends what I can persuade her to do.

Anyway, that's it for IT tonight. Keep watching this space!

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