Saturday, 6 February 2010

Inescapable Ties: Cut and paste #1

Morning all!

*bounces in, and zips around the room*

It's 7.08 on Saturday. Whoohoo! The weekend! (Yes, I have had some sugar already...)

This weekend (well today, since tomorrow is mostly devoted to anime and video games) I am cutting and pasting comments from my alpha reader into an IT doc. Don't worry I did make a copy so I don't stuff up the original one.

It takes time to do this, and just for fun I'm working backwards in the novel (starting at the end....putting in comments to the beginning).

Then the transformtion into sci-fi wip will commence!


Nisa said...

Wow! You've got your hands full. Sounds like a wonderful and busy weekend ahead!

Yunaleska said...

:) What I neglected to mention was none of that would happen until after 3pm because I had to get stuff ready, go catsit, etc. So an afternoon/eve of copying/pasting. With dvds! Carrying on with the West Wing. Think I'm on the end of season 4. Got all 7, haven't yet seen them all. Determined to because I've had the set for a year now...anime gets priority over other films.