Monday, 8 February 2010

*blinks at life*

Did you see that? That thing rushing past you? That's called life. My life. The thing that bobs up and down, and takes unexpected twists.

It's certainly full and interesting. Juggling everything is a matter of balance.

Currently memes on my review blog will be invisible. The most important things are the reviews. If they are up, I'm happy, publicists are happy, publishers are happy, and most importantly the authors are happy.

I love memes, but they take time which is something I don't have much of at the moment. So I have cut them.

I am NOT cutting my writing. The reason I have a little less blogging time is because I'm finding more time for writing. :D I choose to minimise my time online (in theory) by only reading blog posts I absolutely have to read. I don't like skipping other peoples' reviews. but I can spend a good hour + just reading blogs. That's an hour I could spend on writing.

Ditto on twitter....

So I shall blog my reviews, pop up now and then on cyber space, for a little while. I have a novel to write and prepare for agent querying. That needs my time and energy.

More news on Inescapable Ties: the rewrite, soon. Beta reader #2 (numbers do not denote ranking, but merely how I've ordered them in my disorganised mind) likes the new suggestions and seems as excited as I am about it.

That is me. Watch me go form words in a novel. For which there are drafts to create better sentence structures!

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