Friday, 29 January 2010

Life is mad

Life is mad in a good way. Will be a week or so to settle into my new routine. This week has been particularly busy, but things are calming down.

I'll have

* more time for writing and reading (my change in job role hopefully means I'll be a little less tired and will have the energy to read a lot in the evenings.

* less time online. I spend a lot of time here, which is good. But I'm working on being more efficient with my time. I'll be spending a little less time on twitter, but will tweet all reviews and random updates, will follow blogs. I may not always comment, but I promise I read most posts. Blogging will continue for this and my review blog.

I'm really going to push on with writing my wips - I've got a brilliant opportunity at the moment, and I want to grasp it with both hands.

Writing will recommence....possibly tomorrow. Definitely not tonight. Deadlines + packing work stuff to move offices = not much room left for coherent thought. I want to write up a review...and need to be careful how I phrase things - I'm in danger of missing out a few words to a sentence by accident!


Beth said...

Yay for Life being mad in a positive way! I'm sorry to see you less online, but I'm glad you'll be working on your WIPs and other important things.

Best of luck for you and your goals. ((huggles))


Yunaleska said...

*hugs back*

Thanks Beth. Yes, the internet will be no (I mean less) of a time waster!