Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I have a day for writing!

:D *beams at screen*

For various reasons, as of next week I'll be working 4 days a week. Mostly Mon-Thurs. Which leaves 1 day for resting. Reinterpret that as 1 day for writing, 2 days for resting (and if need be half a day for errands/shopping, 1.5 days for resting. If we break it down even further, 1 day will be devoted to gaming and anime.)

Yay! This is a great opportunity to get more writing in. Balancing out rest time too.

Muse is Very Happy.

I will not be entering the competition, but I will be focusing on Diplomatic Disaster. It is a little more light hearted than II. I love II to pieces, but right now in life I need something which makes me laugh a fair bit.

In all honesty I'm giving myself until Sunday to get back into writing schedule. I'm a bit shattered from what has been an emotional few days. I always forget how long my body takes to recover until something happens.

Bird news: I'm letting my pair of finches have a chick. It could take a while. Aeris lays eggs regularly. I need to find a way of marking the eggs - I'm only letting her have one (I can only have 1 chick in the cage for space reasons). It's a bit difficult to figure out which egg is the oldest when she lays another one.

Yesterday I thought she had it. Rather than being on a perch, or flying out of the nest with Zach when I took off the towel covering their cage - she stayed in the nest, on the egg. Unfortunately later today she wasn't on the egg. This is definitely trial and error.

I've bought lots more bedding (although they can nest anywhere, I prefer them to be comfy). I've got egg food, which even helps during moulting. I know the chick could die at any point. Thank goodness finches breed all year round! I promise to keep you posted. And if I locate the disc for my phone, I could get pictures uploaded too!

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