Saturday, 19 December 2009

Snow! Snow! Snow!

What makes you think we have snow? It is road is still a bit treacherous (and the rest of the village is now fine. That's what I get for living at the top of a hill), and all should be rosy.

I had a snow day yesterday (couldn't get down the road safely), which involved gaming and reading. Today being a Saturday, it involved more gaming and reading.

I was supposed to be at a friend's for lunch, but due to the inability for me to go anywhere, that didn't happen. It probably isn't going to possible to go grocery shopping tomorrow because I think it is going to freeze tonight.

We were only supposed to have sleet! It wasn't supposed to hit us so bad this far south. And I'm reliably informed by family members that we are due heavy snow Sunday/Monday. So I may be stuck in again. Family are great and going out running the odd errand for me. No, they haven't got wings and flown - they just have a lot more energy than I do to go run errands. Plus my family are letting me borrow their food (I usually get my own). If you hear mewing, ignore my cat. I have not deprived him by taking a tin of tuna for lunch. I put some in a tub for him, and the rest for me. He doesn't eat much anyway!

I've been reading great books, and as you may have noticed I've 4 days of author interviews this week. Today we had Keren David, who wrote When I was Joe. Go check it out.

Due to the number of books I'm reading (non-ARC) stacking up, they are likely to have mini reviews just so I don't feel so overwhelmed by that stack. I hate having my to list look overwhelming. It makes me feel inadequate - even though I know I do as much as I can. Mini-reviews will help me out. It is wrong not to give a review, because these are all great books.

That's pretty much it. My Muse is off in the land of nod today, she's snoozing away, the snores are almost drowning out the noise of monsters being whacked on the head with an umbrella. I've been told that's quite English, although the game was made in Japan so that's quite funny.

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