Thursday, 17 December 2009

Interesting day :)

Net didn't work this morning - turns out modem got turned off when xmas lights were switched off last night.

I have managed to plot out a new wip (yes, another one). A lighthearted one I'll work on if I have time after writinggoals each day for II. I need something light. II is heavy. In a good way, but it is heavy.

Got home and had lovely parcel! 2 ARC's from Bloomsbury. Yay! Going to start one now - started 300 words for II but brain has gone to sleep. There is no point in pushing it - the looks Muse gives me is retribution enough for trying to force her to work.

Reading rules!

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Beth said...

Yes, reading definitely rules! As do packages in the mail.

Hope your writing is going well!