Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Semi-snoozing is a fine art. I do not mean real sleep. I mean the state where you are awake, but you're taking it easy and just relaxing.

Yes this probably sounds ludicrous but for what is now a funny reason, I ended up with under 5 hours sleep.

If I can make a coherent sentence, I have achieved something goo.

I probably shouldn't be blogging book reviews - but they are going to be mini ones with just a few sentences.

ETA: 11 mini book reviews later - I've been rather productive for what is essential a semi-snoozing day. The overwhelming pile of books screaming 'Review me! Even if its just a few sentences' is non existent. I have 2 ARC's to review, one to read and review but I've been requested not to do that until nearer the publication date, so its back to my personal stack. Yay!

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