Friday, 4 December 2009

New plan

Original plan: write my story before I go to work.

That fell through because after I wake up it takes a good hour for my brain to get into gear.

New plan: complete all internet tasks before work.


This morning I have dealt with all my emails, read new blog entries, even fitted in a book review - all before I have to go to work! Yay!

This means that there will be NO internet time after work. By writing my reviews in the morning, it cuts down on random net surfing as I write a review. It means I actually have time for writing as well as beta reading.

It is true that time can always be made for things we love. It's just a case of juggling things around, as proved by Rebecca Knight , who in a blog chain post writes about Balancing Your Life. Having a real, rather than half-heartedly enforced time limit on activity time on the internet has opened up more time in the day for me.

Where can you cut some time?


Krispy said...

I'm in too much of a hurry in the morning before work to get much done other than dress and eat. XP

I could probably cut down on some internet time and also TV. Jeez, I watch so much TV...

Glad you found a good balance!

Rebecca Knight said...

Good idea, and kudos! :D It's so hard to maintain balance sometimes. I'm glad you found something that works :).