Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Tuesday = possibly no writing

It's my last empty day of my holiday - apart from a trip to the post office (which will take a while because I need to package up the books to send to some of you), I'm free all day.

I haven't been able to have 12 hours of gaming. So I'm going to do the next best thing and spend as much of today gaming as I possibly can.

Tomorrow is officially my last holiday day, but I'm running errands throughout the day :)

Writing is postponed for a few hours - until my Muse gets mad and I end up sitting at the laptop moaning at her.


Beth said...

Your muse is rather demanding... Which I think is a good thing *wink*

Enjoy the rest of your holiday, and have fun gaming!


Danyelle said...

Have fun and stay safe. :D

Yunaleska said...

To the person who spammed my blog, bad luck, I spotted it. It is taken down, and I will now be removing the anonymous option. I would rather not have to come back from being away for 24 hours or so and find adverts for that type of thing.

Apologies to those who like to use anonymous. I'm sorry. At the moment I won't moderate comments, but if I get a fair amount of spamming then I will have to.