Monday, 9 November 2009

It's Monday!

Yup, thought I'd start the week by stating the obvious.

What is less obvious is that it's 7.58am and I am not in my car commuting to work.

Nope, I'm not sick.

I'm on holiday! Day 3/5 day vacation. Yay!

This morning I plan to:

* Get up shortly
* Clean my birds out
* Game all morning
* Go grocery shopping
* Have lunch
* Write!!!!

Logic would have it that I should write in the morning because I'm more awake. However, because I'm so used to writing after work, I actually find it easier to write after lunch.

All I've got to do now is figure out which game to play...


Amy Allgeyer Cook said...

Clean your birds out? Ouch. Does that involve some kind of bird laxative? Or ... I'm afraid to think beyond that. :\

Yunaleska said...


:p No, just simple 'take out tray with messed up sandpaper. Put new paper in (after cleaning it).
Disrupt birds by taking bedding out of their nest. Replace with new bedding.

Thanks to a striking postal service, today I finally got my hands on two ARC's. And I read them both this afternoon (after a morning of gaming).

Productive holiday!

Krispy said...

Hope you're having a wonderful day off! I'm kind of wishing I had one too right now. Haha. Yay for reading, writing, and playing!