Sunday, 8 November 2009

A few notices

Nothing major, just a few comments I have to make.

1) If I'm following you, and I don't comment on your blog, please don't panic. I read all posts (virtually). I just don't always have time to comment.

2) I will get it drummed into my head that 300 words a day (given the quality of the words compared to previous writing) is acceptable and I am not failing in any way by being so slow.

3) I'm just about to post up winners of the chocolate competition!!!


Beth said...

Hey, Yuna!

1. Gotcha. Will not panic. I totally understand, and am thrilled for all the times you have commented :-D

2. I'm behind ya 100%

3. Ooh. I should enter one of these contests...

Lady Glamis said...

I appreciate your comments whenever you can make them. 300 words is a day is a great accomplishment. Don't fret! :)