Tuesday, 3 November 2009


= today's word count on II.

Okay, so exactly 100 of those words needs close examination tomorrow. But I'm making more progress. I was in a bit of a mood, not interested in writing. But my Muse glared at me, then turned her back and made lots of sighs. Her clear disgust of my funny mood worked.

I made myself write. And I enjoyed every minute spent crafting those words. Progress is undeniably slow. But I'm happier with the quality. Not perfect, but better than my drafty drafts. I want to spend more time on it. But (my turn to sigh) I have dinner to get. And I'm tired. So I'm calling it a day. Tuesday! Heehee. No, got an evening filled with reading and anime.

Hopefully more progress to report tomorrow!


Tess said...

It's all about enjoying the journey -- so glad you are and are making such great progress :D

Beth said...

Good for you, Yuna!

Danyelle said...

Progress is good, and you're doing great. :D