Saturday, 24 October 2009

Imperial Intrigue Chapter 1 and other news

Right, I am about to continue with chapter one. I know in time I'll speed up with my new style of tighter writing. Hoping I will craft more than 226 words in one hour today.

Exciting news for II: a friend of mine loves art, and wishes to develop her portfolio. So I'm one of her side projects, or rather my characters are. She needs a lot of detail for them, but I think I'll see if she can create an image of the Imperial Crest. I already have a description for it (thanks to Termion). I promise to post, with full credits, when I have a copy.

ETA: Groan. Looking back, one paragraph didn't cut it. So I had to rethink and reword it. That involved googling how to address a princess - which then got my muse in hypermode. She's loving the different layers of royalty. And knights. And is getting *ideas*.

Anyway, back to the editing. I've done my hour of work for the day. I can't actually say I've got much futher than the other day. I've been tightening the work some more. Changing words around. Making it more active. *groan*. But I feel happy that I can finally more on to the next few paragraphs.


Beth said...

That's so exciting, Yuna!! I remember your first draft of II when you and I were a semi-Newbies at CC (I'm pretty sure.) Your next draft, or whatever draft I saw, was steppin' it up.

You are such a creative, talented, kind person, and I'm glad we're friends :-D

Yunaleska said...

Aww Bethy you're so sweet! Thank you. Glad to be friends with you too! And yay on your short publication :D

Danyelle said...

That is so awesome! I can't wait to see what your characters look like. :D