Tuesday, 1 September 2009

I've written!

601 words! Writing goal is 500 words. It took ages. Muse is insisting on making this more sci-fi than I wanted. I haven't a clue about atmospheres of a moon. I need to do some research. So made it up.

Due to one thing and another it's a little late to even start my edit goal today. I'll do that tomorrow.

It feels fantastic to write again. I'm getting a feel for what DD (Diplomatic Diplomacy) will be like. Surprisingly it's easy to write in first person. It fits this wip nicely. I can't say that it fits the other wips, which need multiple povs. I'm finding it as natural to write as third person.

For those who write, can you write in both first and third easily? Or do you prefer one to the other?

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Icy Roses said...

I prefer third, but I don't have a problem doing either.

Third person, present tense, is my favorite medium for reading and writing.