Monday, 21 September 2009

And so the editing begins.

Before I can go and make huge changes to the next edit of Termion, I need to read through what my beta has suggested.

So I save the document as a new file, have the first 9 pages in front of me in hard copy form (I don't have printed them off so I can read the comments), and am manually putting the comments in. Or just enacting changes if its simple deletion.

I didn't think it was possible to spend so long on one paragraph. I'm seeing my wip with new eyes. Looking at paragraphs, whether they are clunky or ok, my Muse is having *ideas*.

Ideas about what could be changed:

  • Merging characters together
  • Altering a few plot lines: namely creating more action in the beginning.
  • Having quite radical ideas for backstory which may never get mentioned, but will help solidify why characters do particular things.
It's fun in the sense that I'm very slowly polishing my manuscript. Yet it's hard work. So, despite my previous decision to drop DD - I'm going to try and keep up 500 words a day so I can have a little break.

Something for you to laugh about - I'm on my laptop...and I reach to the powercord to pick up a mouse - which isn't there! I've been using a PC a lot over the last week, since my parents are on vacation. Must remember touchpad is below the spacebar.

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Danyelle said...

Good luck with your revisions. I can't wait to see the next draft. :D I've found that maintaining a 500 word count during revisions helps me stay sane as well. :D