Monday, 3 August 2009

Monday starts off fab!

Thanks to Tess over at Tess Hilmo I've won $10 Amazon gift certificate! What a great way to start a Monday.

It definitely made the near combustion of me easier to handle. Decided to copy files from scrappy lappy to usb stick. Manually copying and pasting takes a while. 1 hour 30 mins later I'd succeeded in copying:

Termion (essential)
Imperial Intrigue (entire first draft, plus first 8 chapters of new edit)
A Spy's Legacy

It helped that the latter two were already in Open Office. Just as I was copying over Gem scrappy lappy died. Much mild cursing from me (very mild - hopefully I won't offend people: damn, damn it, blast). Info is safe. But I was really close to getting all my wips onto the usb!

I daren't restart scrappy lappy tonight. It'll probably protest at me. So, I'm blogging (that thing which I do when I don't have virus gremlins) and have got to sort out the format for those files. They may have copied and pasted over, but some of the formatting has ended up a little odd. I'm only going to work on Termion - the original version of II won't be needed for a while so no point wasting precious time on that. I need to get cracking with Termion as of yesterday. Yup, feeling better now :) Onwards with the editing! Muse is rearing to go on edits of Inescapable Ties (next wip) which is a sure sign she's restless to finish Termion.


Tess said...

glad it helped start the week on a cheery note :)

what is Amazon uk? I'll check it out and see if I can work it that way...will let you know.

Yunaleska said...

jits just

It could be that gift certificates are usable whichever Amazon I use.

Sigh. Being in England can be a little problematic in blogland!