Sunday, 2 August 2009

I'm here!


I'm here! With new laptop! Whose keyboard doesn't like to work in gtalk....yet will thankfully work elsewhere.

It has taken me the last 2 hours to get my virus protection sorted, ditto OpenOffice, removing unwanted programs.

I should put a blog post up with something substantial. I've got an award to post.

However, still recovering from my virus last week, and my er over-enthusiastic efforts in cleaning my room yesterday (it'll be a few weeks before the mammoth task is complete).

I also have to transfer ALL my files from MSOffice 07 to OpenOffice. Something which I might tackle later this evening, for as long as my old laptop will survive. Until I do that, I can't edit/write etc. Right now, I'm heading off for some R&R. The past virus has me very sleepy. Not that I sleep (I wouldn't sleep at night if I nap during the day) but I do mindless activities such as videogaming- WAH? What am I saying! Video gaming involves hand-eye coordination, great mental agility in figuring out which spell to cast on a monster, decisions over which path to take. More accurately: can I remember what I did the last time I played the game? Also anime watching :)


Lady Glamis said...

Good luck getting all your stuff over! And I hope you figure out the gtalk thing. I've missed seeing you around...

Tess said...

hooray for working laptops!!!

and, pop over to my're a winner :D

Yunaleska said...

Thanks Tess!

Yes, laptop is...getting there. Writing may Wednesday. Although in theory I only need to get the active chapters presentable to work with...