Tuesday, 4 August 2009

File Formatting In Progress


Termion files are on my new laptop! Tonight I'm going through every single chapter and reformatting it so they are all ready to use. Tomorrow, I can start writing! I doubt I can go through the 29 chapters in 45 minutes that I have left for doing things tonight.

Re-reading through all the files (at a glance while I copied and pasted) has me eager for revisions. And for new wips. I've missed writing heaps the last week and a bit. Yay for shiny technology. Muse is chomping at the bit.

ETA: Ok, this is taking way longer than expected. I've only got through 9 chapters! 9/29! This is bad. Very bad. *whimpers*. I have to make the deadline of the 18th August. I have to. It's not one I can move. It's either complet it, or not finish Termion until September. I can do this!


Danyelle said...

Wow! Good luck!

Icy Roses said...

New laptop? Awesome.

You can do it. My deadline, by the way, is August 14th (for the draft, I mean). We have similar goals going on. Good luck to you!

Yunaleska said...

New laptop much better than old, scrappy laptop.

We can have a post deadline party!!! (is yours moveable? I have to meet mine. No excuses.