Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Feel good factor

Ignoring the fact I'm being attacked by germs for the second time within a week (potential cold, methinks), I'm feeling pretty good today.


#1) Generally talking about my blog, showing my colleague google analytics and talking about writing never fails to get me in a good mood.

#2) *jumps up and down* I now have 4 publishers ending me review copies! Yesterday Walker books agreed to send me a few, today Bloomsbury.

I wonder if the ladies who send me the emails saying 'we are delighted to send you review copies of x, y and z' realise how happy I get when I see their emails. Considering I only started my review blog in May, I'm not doing badly. Especially when a fellow reviewer said it could take up to a year to get review copies. Or longer.

More books winging their way in the post to me = more parcels = more happiness during the week. Sometimes I don't always like the selection of books on other. Often it might only be one or two. Occasionally it can be more, but it depends how many the publisher offer. So although initially I was only going to keep it down to 2, having a variety of publishers is beneficial.

I can't say that my family will agree with me: I have rather a lot personal items already. More books = less space. Some will have to be donated to friends. I think the days of library fines are numbered (somehow managed to get 90p fine this week) only because I won't be able to catch up with reading library books and review books.

Great happy times ahead. Oh, and thanks to germs, I've cancelled Japanese lesson tomorrow, so I can take my time with the homework. Yay! No lesson until 20th. Time enough to learn about the volitional tense. It means tonight I can blog, relax and write (yes I feel a bit rough but formatting files is a simple enough to do. And muse is impatient).

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Danyelle said...

*perks up* If the books ever request a trans-Atlantic trip, I have many friends that would love to meet them. O:)