Saturday, 29 August 2009

Books = research = progress!

Ok, so I have a library addiction.

Walked in only meaning to pick up the book I'd reserved. Picked up the 3rd book (Libba Bray trilogy).

Then some manga (in my defence, they are relatively quick to read and are nice, light reading, can pick up whenever)

Then around 12 books on spying, human rights etc for my latest two wips. It counts as research, right? I'm not going to be reading the books from cover to cover - skim reading here ;)

Writing...maybe later. Recovering from shopping trip (groceries, yarn buying for a lovely new cardigan) um yes, later. It's a 3 day weekend! I'm allowed a day or several hours not writing. Muse is happy figuring out first chapter for DD (Diplomatic Disaster, yeah, haven't come up with a better title yet).

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