Saturday, 15 August 2009

7 chapters to go!

Kinda on a high right now. Today I've edited chapters 21 and 22. I've formatted 23 through to 29. I've placed all of 1 through to 22 in a new document titled 'Edit 3'. I've worked hard. I've got 7 chapters to go, plus a once over edit for changing names (some of them have at least 3-5 varying spellings. Yes, its possible. And I'll label them here as I come across them).

Call Out for Beta Readers

I've already got a short list of victims for critiquing Termion.

If any of you would like to crit it (by mid september), please indicate interest in the comment boxes, and/or email me. I'd hate to miss out on eager beavers.

All credit/blame for this wip befalls on my muse. *pats muse on the head*. She's an interesting creature.

Reading for the rest of the night - muse needs food. I need to make larger dents in my review book pile.

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