Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Zero writing, 200% Muse heaven

Owing to studying, household chores and preparing for cat-sitting (which will mean a lot of time for writing) no writing will happen tonight.

My muse, however, hasn't been idle

Traffic jams are a writer's heaven. In the 45 mins of barely moving, instead of shaking my fist at the workmen for reducing two lanes onto a roundabout to one due to major route changes, I let my Muse play. She figured out the next for scenes for A Price Worth Paying. She's figured out the rest of the book in so far as...

* Bounty hunter captures Jinna, leaving Tol-tol behind.
* Tol-Tol has to use emergency powers, attacks the evil group who had Jinna as a lab rat, and call upon his fellow cat spirits for back up.
* There'll be a cat spirit vs bounty hunters (yes I mean the plural) showdown.
* The two races will have to cooperate to overcome threat from other evil groups.

* There is a catch to all of this : there could be a book two, in which case some of the above will happen there. It depends on how it goes. I'd quite like more of Jinna's - oh my word I'm tired because I've been writing Jinna. Jinna is Termion. Sophie is APWP. I've had a long day!

I want to learn about SOPHIE's life after APWP. So we shall see.

Termion (with Jinna) is right on track. I know where I'm going with it. Just need to edit it :)

*heads of for household chores. Muse is going to daydream. Again. *


Icy Roses said...

That's a good idea! Daydreaming during traffic jams, I mean. But I don't live in a big enough place where there would be traffic jams. :-)

Captain Hook said...

Sounds great, Yunie! I look forward to reading more.

Uninvoked said...

Take heart, mixing up your character's names isn't all that bad. I began calling my boyfriend "Bernard" and my best friend "Amy" after hours of solid editing...happily this has happened before and I did not have to explain why I was calling my boyfriend by a different name. ;-)