Monday, 13 July 2009

Weekend round up!

This weekend I've been catsitting two 10 week old kittens for a friend and her family. They were so cute! Sadly the net decided not to work yesterday, so I couldn't post an update.

I have.....edited chapters 10-12 of Termion! Finished 10 on Saturday (was part way through) and ploughed through 11 & 12 yesterday. Several bits have changed - one part no longer made sense with a previous change. There's a bit more conflict (I'm piling it on) and hopefully some suspense. I'm enjoying where Termion is going. Let's hope an agent will like this too!

Did a bit of reading. Glared at the internet when it stopped working so I couldn't post a book review (double dose will happen tonight). It did mean I just sat and edited.

Oh you can find a post on Inkblot's blog here, by me. Enjoy!

Hopefully more Termion editing tonight...however I have 2 book reviews, I must unpack from the weekend, do laundry, get some japanese study in, find a recipe for baking sweet goodies tomorrow...on top of working an extra hour at work (6 hours! Only because my colleague is away, and I have some extra hours to make up). Busy busy busy.


Beth said...

Aww! I loves kittens >^.^<

Way to go with the editing! You are on a roll, my friend :-D

Danyelle said...

Awesome progress! You can do this. You have, what, 16 more chapters? Keep up the good work!

Uninvoked said...

Great job Yuna! I'm looking forward to reading the edited version. So exciting!