Monday, 1 June 2009

Life is a bit manic

I wish I could say I don't know how life got so busy, but I can't.

1) Edit Termion by the end of the month. All well and good.
2) Write two reviews by tomorrow evening. Well, all well and good...only I haven't read the books yet. Started 1, and half way through the other.
3) Keep on top of book reviews (3 books from publisher, 9 of my own, 25 from library.... Yes there are reasons I'm not asking other publishers for copies right now.
4) Sew a baby quilt by end of August - well, this is all well and good bu the design I want is out of stock (Hungry Caterpiller). I might opt for Peter Rabbit instead
5) Sew a lap quilt for a friend's wedding present by 25th July (mmm, only found out today she was getting I need to get a move on with this one).
6) Keep up with Japanese (homework/extra reading/normal vocab learning) - this has to be fitted in somehow
7) Keep playing video games - again, fit this in somewhere....

That's how busy my life is. I'm glad I work part time! Even so...very busy.

Hows life for you?

1 comment:

Danyelle said...

You're right. You are crazy. :P

*ignores her own list of things to do in June*

But if the world was full of sane people, nothing would ever get done. :D