Monday, 1 June 2009

Editing Termion, Post #1

There are going to be many posts like these, so I thought I'd number them.

Yesterday I spent a good 2 hours 30 mins editing what was chapter 1 of Termion. It's now chapter 1 & 2. It grew!

This shouldn't have been a surprise, because I tend to write too few details in my first draft. It doubled in size! I had to split it, and found a good place for it. I'm happy with the current chapter 1.

Chapter 2 is a different story. I think the problem was I was trying to finish it before bed (bed time isn't moveable on a work night). So perhaps I was rushing it. But...its not right. I need more details, more of a build-up, etc. However, there is hope. On the commute to work, Bankar pointed out putting his POV in would add another dimension to the story. I agree with him. So I worked out the rest of chapter 2 in my head (and a few scenes later on in the story). So I've got lots to be getting on with! (and 30 days to do it all in). If the first chapter is an indication of the others, Termion is going to be a lot bigger than it was originally! (which wasn't huge for a YA). It's all good!

Writing = will happen AFTER Japanese homework tonight. Due to my birthday on Wednesday, I can't do it last minute on weds. Which is fine..only...I want to attack chapter 2! Poor muse, she'll have to wait.


Yunaleska said...

Is this working now? Looks like having comment embedded might not work with this template...

Angela said...

Yay it works!!

Lady Glamis said...

I love the look of the blog! Just keep posting. I love to see progress!