Saturday, 20 June 2009

Google Analytics

Is working! Not on this blog, on my other blog. Will eventually put it on this one. It's on my to do list.

But - happiness! Saw the reports, saw the sites people had found my review site on.

My review is up on an author site! It's on Janet Paisley's site, for my review on Warrior Daughter. There's only 3 other sites down for reviews. I'm so happy! Super super happy.

Got a nice stack of books from Random House today, and another one from Penguin.

What makes you think I'm excited?

Tomorrow I plan on 3 hours editing, and lots of reading so I'm all caught up during the week.


Oh, go check out my Saturday post: where I introduce Preservers and Handlers of books. It's turned into a series...go read!

Thank you for supporting me here and on my book blog. Very much appreciated.

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Danyelle said...


How did you find out your review had been posted on the author's site? Much squeeness!