Monday, 11 May 2009

Revised plan of action

Attacks by germs is a wonderful opportunity to contemplate life. Amidst internal, mental yells of 'die! monster die!' at the tv (yes I was pretending the monsters were germs), I finally figured out my POA for the next few months of writing.

First of all, no panicking. I am still working on APWP. Only, just a page a day. More if I can manage it. 1 page is manageable.

Why just one page? Well, I need to start revising other works. First up: Termion.

Goals for Termion broken into smaller chunks

#1 Read it all the way through.
I can stop to breathe, carry on with life etc. However. I must not stop to delete words, or add new ones in. If I must, I can write down ideas in a comments box. This is to remind myself what is in the story.

#2 Go through each chapter, noting down characters, action, clothes, place names, etc. Everything which I conveniently forget and then have to insert using CAPITALS.

#3 Decided whether this is going to be a one POV book or not. Hopefully I'll have a better inkling after #1 & #2. I'm leaning towards adding one in - not just for the sake of it. That wouldn't work. But the majority of my wips are several POV, and I'd like to keep it this way for marketing purposes.

#4 Start revisions (with or without 2nd POV).

#5 read through again.

#6 Send to beta readers.

My logic: once I have an agent, I'll pretty much be doing this anyway (writing new wips while editing other ones). I may as well get used to it all now.


Captain Hook said...

Sounds like a great plan, Yunie! Best of luck to you.

Danyelle said...

Good plan! Can't wait to read both. O:)

Beth said...

POA--Plan of attack? Or Prisoner of Azkaban... Good book. Anyway...

Sounds like you've got a good game plan. And as far as germs go, I love your "Die, Monster, die!" line. ROFL! *hugs 99.9% anti-germ hand wipes* I am and OCDer, so I use these religiously. And I have bathroom wipes that kill 99.9% of bacteria (and the flu virus!) that I use several times a day. Yes, I am a disinfecting-freak!!

Happy writing/reading/revising and germ-slaying!



Yunaleska said...

POA = plan of action :) Which has now changed....see latest post (eta a few mins)