Tuesday, 12 May 2009

POA revised again

Moments after I'd published the previous post, I received a message from a fellow writer. So here's the twice revised POA

* Still write 1 page a day on APWP

* By 1st July (2009), have a revised version of Termion.
* Give said edition to my fellow writer. We're swapping stories for beta reading!
* Once beta reading complete, make another round of revisions.

Could be an entertaining month and a half. It's fun having someone at the same point as me, good encouragement for both of us.

if we slack without good reason, the infamous flaming wooden spoon will emerge!


Danyelle said...

Yes it shall! %-)

Yunaleska said...

I did look for a pic of a flaming wooden spoon, but no joy.

Danyelle said...

If only I knew how to work photoshop. :'(