Monday, 4 May 2009

Book hyper!!!

No writing today, been busy socialising. And book buying.

I had to pop into one store for a few bits, and Borders was a few stores down. Here in England it's been a bank Holiday (day off work), and some shops shut early/aren't open at all. Borders was ope. I went in.

I fell in love.

The ENTIRE store was on special offer! 3 for 2 in teen read. 2 for 1 in sci-fi. I looked at the books, picked up 3 teen books, then checked the small print. It said items with stickers only. So I put the books back.

I then debated buying them anyway, when I overheard a family ask the sales assistant if the offer extended to all books on the shelf. She said yes, they just didn't have time/inclination to sticker the entire store. (Not the assistant's words).

I immediately grabbed the books I'd put down, and scurried off for more. Not my fault I picked up duology books.

Total number of books: 9.

I was grinning away, probably in a slightly hysterical manner. I asked the cashier if this was normal (the sale, not my hyperactivity). He said no, they usually do it on one section, but not the entire store.

Sigh. More happy sighs. I'm surrounded by books! I'm putting them on my TBR pile (see my book review blog. Shelfari mucked up the format for the same widgets on the this blog, I shall work on it, just not tonight). So inbetween library books, I'll be reading these lovely ones and reviewing them. Yay! So happy.


Windsong said...

*am glad they don't do that in my bookstore*

Yay for books! Happy reading!

Merc said...

New books are always shiny. ;) (Borders here had a sale on CDs last week, whee!) Have fun!

lotusgirl said...

Happy reading. Don't you just love it when things you really want are on sale and not just the stuff no one wants.

Yunaleska said...

I know. I mean, I don't read crime very often so having that genre on sale is useless to me. I shall not go near Borders for a good few months now.

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

I went to Borders yesterday. I love bookstores!