Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A Price Worth Paying Chapter 9...over 3 days

I started writing it yesterday. It was like a dripping tap. Drip, drip drip. It's not a filler chapter per se, its actually quite important. Words just aren't flowing out of me. Yesterday made around 560 word progress.

Today I've hit the 928 word mark. (not even 1k!) I've been pushiung myself to write, and was doing fairly well. Until I got a phone call from a friend which lasted best part of 45 minutes... Not a lot I can do now. It's time to wind down for bed.

I hope tomorrow I can finish this stubborn chapter. As a good friend said to me today, just work at it, I can fix it in the next revision. At that point I was seriously considering just putting down bullet points. My short sentences and lack of description feel like glorified bullet points.

I guess this is what being a writer is all about. Words flow = fantastic. Words are squeezed out, one by one = not so fantastic, but at least they are words and hopefully I can improve them on numerous rounds of edits when Muse is a little more forthcoming with ideas.

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Windsong said...

*hugs* Yuna. Sometimes the words come as a torrent, and sometimes as a trickle, but they're there. That's the important thing. And you're there, writing them down. That's even more important. :D