Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Book review #9, The Trouble With Demons by Lisa Shearin!

Today's the 28th of April, 2009 and the latest book by a top author is now available!

This is the book I've been secretly reading and couldn't name on my side bar. Fortunately for me, the online store I bought it from released it a week early. It involved much squealing and literal jumping up and down my end. My mother got the message that it was a big deal. Unfortunately for Lisa, my purchase won't count towards her first week sales. So -GO BUY THE BOOK! Short review: It's awesome!!!!

This review is Yuna style. I hope there aren't any spoilers, and that you'll be inspired to read it.

Raine, and the Saghred, are back. I discover that I'm more like Raine than I realised from the first paragraph. She has a sense of humour that crops up frequently, at both saneish, and insane moments. There are several points which I needed a tissue, most particularly at the end. Once you've read it, you'll see why. Although the point which touched me the most isn't the obvious one. It's during a heart to heart she has with a character, that reveals a brilliant outlook which we can all apply to life.

Pieras is back - and due to his actions and character growth I've become a larger fan of him. Phaelan is as wonderful as ever (if we ignore the smushy side of his character). Mychael - personally Raine deserves him. I know I'm opening up trouble here, but I would rather Tam got out of the picture. I didn't like him that much before, and I certainly don't like him now. His saving grace is that his skills are put to some good use in TWD.

Enemies: existing ones are still evil, and provide light entertainment. Newer ones are worse than the existing ones, and had me almost covering my eyes. There were times I didn't think Raine would survive.

Demons come in all shapes, sizes, and possibly different textures depending how they are squished. None of them are good, but a few can be useful weapons.

Weapons: *happy sigh*. Lots of swords, daggers, and magic to keep this violent book lover happer.

Smush: there is quite a bit. A lot is just implied. There is one section, which will be forever sealed with a paperclip: the Tam and Raine scene. It was a bit too blushable for me to skim read more than once. If you'd like to read it and avoid this scene, let me know and I'll tell you the page numbers.

Despite this, I stayed up 30 minutes past my bed time reading it. Okay, I'd had it nearly a week already, but life got in the way. I didn't put it down by choice. I recommend this to anyone who likes fantasy, or even, as a friend of my says, things which go boom. There are explosions here :)

The world Raine inhabits grows more detailed, humourous and dangerous with each book in the series. I'm eagerly awaiting publication date of the next one. After reading The Trouble With Demons, you will be too.

Lisa's latest book, in spite of the smush, gets a 5+ star rating from me. I adore it that much to give it a +. Go buy it! Please!

Lisa's blog can be found here http://www.lisashearin.com/index.cfm (I can't figure out how to post the link. I'm pleased to have worked out how to add photos!)


Lisa Shearin said...

Thank you for the wonderful review!!


Yunaleska said...

You're welcome!

Forgot to mention if people want a more indepth review of the book, there are several on the internet :)

Windsong said...

Yay for good books!