Sunday, 5 April 2009

On holiday...but the germs don't know that.

Morning all!

I'm loving my time here. No more writing yet, but that's okay. Been having fun discovering how you all live over here!

I officially have a cold. Streaming eyes, stuffed nose even when I blow it, sore throat. Wonderful. American germs like me as much as English ones. A little bit more because I don't normally get streaming eyes with a cold. Never mind. Makes for entertainment while away.

So...muse is busy in my head. Germs don't affect her that much. Only the output slows down a little :) More writing...soon.


Lady Glamis said...

Yuna, so glad you are enjoying your stay despite those nasty germs. Hope to catch you online soon. *HUGS*

Rana said...

Lol. You are the only one I know who can make light of a cold.

I hope you feel better, though.

Yunaleska said...

Still got the cold!

Well, Rana, when you get sick as often as I do, you get used to it, and learn to make the most of it. Even if it means I only watch tv, at least I'm doing something fun!