Tuesday, 7 April 2009

My wip turned sci-fi on me!

Which isn't a big deal, because I love sci-fi, but it wasn't supposed to be sci-fi! My muse is steering it in a very strange direction. It has an evil doctor who likes experimenting, beings from a different planet, hybrids, spaceships (no blasters yet) - totally not what I'd planned for it!

It's great fun writnig it. I've got a cat who can read and type and do all sorts of intelligent things. An artist as an aunt, lots of mystery going on. It's good fun, although I'd rather know what's happening in the story before I write it, but I can't force my muse to to anything she doesn't want to.

Still finding it hard to write Imperial Intrigue - its going to remain one of those challenging wips for a long time.

Wrote chapter 2 of Acquisitioners the other day. Hoping to finish off chapter 2 of A Price Worth Paying today. That's the wip which my muse is changing into sci-fi.


Lady Glamis said...

Glad you've been writing! Maybe it went sci-fi because you're in a strange land??? :D

ElanaJ said...

Wow, talking cats. That's always a sure sign of a great muse! Keep up the good work!

Yunaleska said...

:D America isn't that strange...well! Not really.

Yeah, I've read sooo many books with talking cats. Guess it had to be done. Might change the animal on the edit though. I'll see.