Wednesday, 11 February 2009

POV's and different voices.

Despite being ill, I am managing to write. And today I'm discussing povs and voices. In this post, they are linked together. Apologies if my grammar is worse than normal - I have germs in me!

In writing Imperial Intrigue, I'm using different povs. This is my normal style of writing. It was before Termion, which is just through 1pov. I enjoyed just 1 pov because I didn't have to worry about making characters sound different.

On the previous version of II, the voices weren't right, for a variety of reasons I won't list here.

This time, I'm worried that they sound too different. To me, they are different styles of writing. It's like writing 3 separate books.

Hallie - she's the character I have most fun with with, whatever version I'm writing. I guess because she's the FMC, and does cool things. I'm happy with the voice I've got for her.

Elita - she's full of hate in this version. She doesn't find joy in much. And the way I write her parts, well it scared me because its so different.

IMPSOL - the soldier whose name I can't remember, well her voice is different too. I'm worried I'm doing too much telling with her, but she is an observant character.

For now, I'm having to put my worries aside and just write. I'll see how the first preliminary critiquers react to it, before I make decisions to change the povs.

Do your povs have different writing styles? Do you find it easy to slip in and out of them (I do).


Lady Glamis said...

Yes, I have different voices for each POV. Monarch has 3 POVs. And I have nooo idea how I slip in and out of each one. It just happens subconsciously because I know the characters so well. Great post!

Captain Hook said...

So far I only have one WIP with more than one POV (Cassandra's Secrets). Everything else is either in first or single POV.

Wait a minute! Revenge is multi-POV too and all are very different voices.

Yunaleska said...

love multiple povs, especially with the pov angle I take (3rd person, limited). It helps fill develop the story.

lotusgirl said...

sometimes i wish I could use a 3rd person limited. pov. first person can be very limiting sometimes.

Merc said...

Yup. It's my goal, if I use multiple POVS in a work, to make each one different and distinct. Not that I always MANAGE, but it's the goal anyway. ;)