Sunday, 8 February 2009

Breakthrough (or very bad idea) with Imperial Intrigue!

Gaming has many advantages. Including letting the muse have fun.

While playing away on Last Remnant, my muses had a breakthrough with Imperial Intrigue.

Background: I had previously been toying with having II set in same world as Termion.

The breakthrough is that it will be.

Here, Termions will take a backseat role. They will be the Emperor's personal bodyguards. At the moment, few people will know their true nature. It explains why no-one ever succeeds in assassinating the Emperor any more. Or why the Emperor doesn't see his nominated air as a threat.

As before, there will be a rogue group (possibly). Only they can't be subdued by force. No. Hallie will have to use the very drug she's in exile for against the Termion. And it'll work :) They'll be placid.

Just working out a few other major details, but this does explain why Imperial Intrigue didn't work when I first wrote it. Termion didn't exist back then.

If it doesn't work out, I can go back to my original idea (no Termion), but in the day where people like multi-book series, its worth a shot.

Have you ever written anything, (draft or not), shelved it, and come back to it only when you've gained elements from another story (or just a completely different viewpoint on it all?)


Captain Hook said...

Glad you have a game plan :)

Lady Glamis said...

Breakaway. That's all I have to say. Breakaway.

It was shelved for 12 years.

Beth said...

Yeah for breakthroughs!

Merc said...

Ooh, sounds like a great plan, Yuna! So far it sounds like adding Termion would work well for II.

I've occasionally had the 'let's set novels in another world' mostly when I want to condense and combine things so I don't have so many separate worlds I need to flesh out. ;)

For example, I had my vampire novella shelved for awhile, then figured out how to put it in TIH's universe since many of the elements in the worlds were similar. :P

Given I only have so much time (and the fact I'm lazy), I like to condense and combine things when possible so I can avoid new world building and focus on the stories.

Good luck with the rewrites, Yuna!


Yunaleska said...

Thanks everyone!

Yes Merc, it is working well so far.... Imperial Intrigue was always going to have at least 2 other books in the series (1 before, 1 or 2 set after). Termion fits in well, I know the world, and it answers questions I had. It creates a few problems, but being a Termion in II is really a very minor thing. (truly). It's great fun working it all out, and would make it quite sellable. All books can stand alone in their own right.