Saturday, 28 February 2009

51st post!

:D Nice number of posts has been reached!

News - yes I know I've been quite but life has been busy.

For now I've chucked out the writing then editing approach for each chapter, and I'm back to my 'write anything' mode.

Muse is yabbering away at me night and day. I've finished chapter 4 of Imperial Intrigue (yay), should get chapter 5 written today.

In the spirit of trying to write more (and find more time in the day) this weekend I'm not really online much. To enforce this, I'm only taking my mini-laptop with me as I head off to catsit for the week. It doesn't have the internet on it where I catsit :) Good incentive to keep writing! Especially since I'll be without my consoles (well, there is one, but I've only got 1 game I like on it). I'm trying to squeeze more time into my day! The attempt is...interesting.

I'm sure my fellow bloggers have discussed this already, but what do you do to create more time in your day?


Mary Lindsey said...

Good for you. Edits can be done later. Get that story out. I have to turn off my internal editor during the rough draft phase entirely.

Best of luck with your project!

lotusgirl said...

On that first draft I also like to just let it flow. I'd never get anything done if I edit too much that first time through. It stymies my creativity.

Lady Glamis said...

Finding time is all about priorities. That's all I can say. :)