Monday, 8 December 2008

I am better!!! (so writing will commence tomorrow)

:D It is 12.07pm, and I'm feeling human. My contact lenses are still abit dry, so I'm praying my contact lense lady is able to get me some replacements.

When I woke up this morning, I felt tired and low on the energy front. I'm feeling better (we ignore the small square of chocolate I've just consumed), and am having a leisurely day at home. That virus/cold thing really knocked it out of me. My immune system is rubbish, and it reacts to things in a very interesting way. Writing - well, it will happen tomorrow, I promise. Today is still on R&R. (read lots of gaming).

Currently on Tomb Raider Anniversary. I like it because its more puzzle based, so far not heaps of enemies which scare me when they appear from no-where (or when I step onto a trigger point....) I'm doing ok. For the 1st time I've had to look at a walkthrough, which for me, on TR, is good going (i'm on the 2nd 'level'). Annoyed cos can't as yet change her outfit (hope this one is more sensible than the original when she wore shorts in very cold weather. Later versions she wears trousers). I like it for the outfits :) (especially the arctic gear). I'd half got the idea for the atlas room, and i'm on the posiden room at the moment (spelling uncertain). I can figure this out!

All of this has something to do with writing...its what I do when I'm not writing :) And gives me time to contemplate my wips (currently at war with an idea in Termion. If I do x to a character, then I have the next few chapters figured out. However. If I do y to a character (no, its not Jinna), then I haven't a clue what could happen. Will go figure that out.

Having PB sandwich for lunch :D Yummy!


Lady Glamis said...

You just need a break sometime! No worries. :)

Good luck feeling better. I am now coming down with something...

Yunaleska said...

Thats what I often think being ill with me is- a sign i need a break :) Sarah knows how prone I am to over doing things :)

Thinking of creating a blog just for my gaming :D

Awww, my sis wasn't well at the weekend either. She was actually puking...least I avoided that! (would rather 5 days of feeling rough to 24 hours of being sick)

Chelle said...

I'm glad you're feeling betetr!