Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A cold? Allergies? Reaction to the cold weather?

Whatever it is, its having me feel low. Not low in winter blues low (there is a different) but low in 'my body is fighting something low'. Not majorly, but enough that I really am not doing any writing tonight.

I'm going to tidy few bits up, transfer my japanese homework to usb, put usb in work bag, then settle in front of the tv for an hour of 'combat chefs' (very interesting) about life as a chef in the army (think its English army).

I'm worried 2 characters seem exactly the same in Termion. Hm. I want them similar, but different. Haven't worked out how yet. Everyone's too nice to Jinna.

You know what, I really shouldn't think about my writing when I'm like this. I'm inclined to strong urges in direction of the delete button!

*breathes* I promise not to delete anything, and to only look at japanese work tonight.

I did get a cool idea for another wip (although wondering what I can weave it in to). Maybe I could make it YA

Premise for Time Turner (ack I've already got a title!!! This is DIRE!)

FMC (of course, will NOT have a MMC) has...oh my word NONONONONONONONO!!! Muse is running riot. Great. I'm not writing, yet i'm creating new wip.

Let's try again.

An item (or magic, haven't decided) has the ability to reverse time or fast-forward it. Or both. The catch? If time is reversed to change an event, then the future time speeds up. Or something like that. Maybe the MMC gets called to reverse time so people can see what other people said about them/where they hid treasure/who performed a murder......

Mmmmm. Need to think on this :)


Lady Glamis said...

Yuna, relax. Your body will fight off what it needs to fight off, and then you can write some more.


*stern glare*

Kimber An said...

Oh, I don't do so good figuring out story elements while sick. I'm awesome at editing though! I'm totally ruthless at editing when I have a head-cold. Guess the virus kills my creativity and leaves me with nothing but objectivity. No fun, but it does get things done.

So, take a deep breath and step away from the 'delete' button.

Yunaleska said...

I'm avoiding the delete button. And definitely feeling more off colour today :) Fun fun.

Angela said...

Step away from the delete button.

Sorry you're sick--it's awful being in that in between place--totally blah and unable to be productive but not sick enough to crash and sleep it off.

Get better, and keep the ideas coming!

Yunaleska said...

I do want to sleep - but I wouldn't sleep tonight. Been watching dvds. Just feel really crummy : ( Not up to knitting. Might do some gaming tomorrow. (Its bad when I don't want to game). Ideas for Termion are coming thick an fast! Created several little plot twists last night (or with my poor typing plot twits) - really hoping its not that!))

More blogging when I'm better :)

Anonymous said...

Feel better, Jess!
Being sick is no fun.
I'm very prone to getting the cold/flu easily. And when I do get it, the common cold will keep me in bed... I'm not good with illnesses.
*hugs and cookies*
Drink hot tea.