Friday, 21 November 2008

ZZZZ Day's end.

When parents are away...Yuna stays up late.

Was going post Termion's shiny chapters 1 & 2 on CC. Even transferred to the file to my usb (well, a usb. Not mine, has a pdf I'm typing up for someone. My usb's, all 2 of them, have gone awol. I only spotted the other one Wednesday eve, loaded my japanese homework on it then poof, it vanished. So I used the loaned usb). Silly me, too tired to remember that parents pc doesn't have MSOffice. So file won't load.

And I've shut down my laptop.

I'll post it tomorrow. People can wait one more day. No-one is really critting because of nano. And thanks to time zones, my fellow CC-r's don't know I have this blog. Well some of them. Ho hum. Never mind!

Bedtime for me. Lots to do tomorrow...writing...eep I hope I can squeeze some in the morning. Will get up early and do everything (put away clean dishes, do laundry that I forgot to do today, hem a friend's daughter's skirt, bake scones. Wrap up presents) to allow a little bit of writing time. Or gaming. Which I had meant to do today but the muse took over.

*slumps over keyboard, zzzzing'


Windsong said...

How many chapters in Termion are you up to?

Yunaleska said...

Two are complete :) Ideas for 3 and 4 are in my head. They might change, but for now, they are there. Just need the time to write them!

Lady Glamis said...

Nope, I'm not critting at the moment. :( Sorry.

I will in December. :)