Sunday, 12 February 2012

I can be good - I just don't like to be good.

(This is Aika from the anime Aria the origination. I can't remember if this is the episode I'm thinking of, but she gets ill with a cold and fever, so has to stay in bed and can't practice with Akari and Alice. She gets rather grouchy about it - which is so like me when I have to be good. I have to add I'm internally grouchy.) 

By being good I don't mean avoiding misbehaviour. I mean being good and resting. One of my friends who is new to Twitter sent me a tweet today reminding me to rest. 

I spent most of the day watching Bones,which is resting. I worked on my Non-Writing Secret Project which I will reveal when it is ready (by the end of the month, hopefully). I then did some crochet. Didn't feel 100% so haven't written today. I'm scheduling up a few reviews before watching more dvds and doing some knitting.This is all in aid of me listening to my body and resting as soon as it demands rest. Sigh. It's so hard to do!

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