Thursday, 26 January 2012

News from afar

(This cute photo of letters comes from here. Someone made these cookies!)

Last summer a close friend moved to Germany. With sporadic contact on Twitter, I knew she was settling in ok, just really busy with her baby girl. Today I received a letter from her (& some chocolate, always most welcome. It's German chocolate, which is a new tasting experience for me). It was super to hear from her. Because I find it fun, I'm writing to her in my pigeon French. A lot of the time I forget words, remembering the Japanese so I use the English. She replied too, in purple ink with stunning cursive handwriting. I ought to mention that she herself is French. It was awesome to hear from her, and I'll be writing back soon. I know that email is the norm now, but there is something about receiving a letter through the post, especially from distant friends. So go write someone a letter today. 

As you may have noticed, my blog background is currently white. Unfortunately it turned out there was a limit on the number of times the template was used. As I'm not the artist, I couldn't change the settings on the template, and thus had to remove it. For now white will do :) I think it looks okay. I still have a funky header. 

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