Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Going offline for 24 + hours

Some of you will know that tomorrow I'm trying a new treatment. Today I had to come home from work early as I wasn't well. I think I can safely say it wasn't germ gremlins and was just nerves. I definitely will not be online tomorrow (no reviews, no blog posts, & no twitter). I'm hoping to be back on quite quickly, but I haven't had the treatment before and as per usual the side effects which they legally have to list (which I illegally wish to club them over the head with a book for citing what I already know) could - if they appear - take a little time to disappear.

I'm currently resting up with films (on the new and so awesome Netflix UK), and will do so when I'm home tomorrow afternoon.  Emails/blog comments will be out of action until I'm feeling up for it. Hoping I'll have good news when I see you the other side!

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Lisa Shambrook said...

I wish you all the best and hope this one works for you! Take it easy, and look forward to having you back again in a while. :)