Monday, 2 January 2012

Early 2012 catch up

Right, here's a fast catch up over the last few days. 

I have been beavering away at editing Diplomatic Disaster. Last night was nearly a Wip Disaster - I was skim reading the last few chapters to refresh my memory, and I noticed one was missing. Eeep! I searched in the original version - not there. I then searched through the individual chapter document files - and lo and behold I found the missing chapter. Not sure why it wasn't there in the first place, but hey, it happens. I'm happy I didn't have to rewrite such a crucial part of the story. I've only a few chapters left, slightly more than 20 pages (now all my % is wonky due to missing chapter) to edit. I'm getting there! After this edit, I will read it through once, make last minute changes then give to my betas. I'm loving all aspects of it - and looking forward to continuing a few new projects too! 

Soon (I know I promise this heaps of times but this really will be soon) I will post up pictures of my craft creations. I'm making good progress on the crochet blanket, and I've started new squares for another blanket (this time not made up of oddments). I'm hunting down a frame for one sewing project (person receiving it has seen it & understands getting a frame will take time), I'm nearly down to the backstitch on another sewing project. Knitting - well I really need to get on with fingerless gloves, so might dive into those soon. I officially seem to have issues with every ball of yarn I come across - they all unwind themselves and get into knots. It must be a yarn gremlin.

I will be getting back into the habit of reading Japanese as well as watching it. 

I'm getting further in season 3 of Winx, 
(one of many Winx pictures I have)

I've now watching Stargate SG1 as my 'English' drama (I've got until season 6, currently on season 1), and 
(season 1 box set)

I'm watching Angelic Layer in Japanese. 
(This is 4 year old Hatoko and her angel, Suzuka. Hatoko is an Angelic Layer genius - few can beat her)

Oh, I'm watching Loulou de Montmartre on and off (it's not the cheeriest of shows)
(Here's when Loulou is absorbed in dancing) 

That's pretty much how I'm starting my year. I haven't done a top 10 of 2011 book list. I might eventually get around to figuring out how many books I read last year. But right now, all I care about is reading :) *zooms off to start a new book*

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Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

So I don't watch anime - but we have the same taste in non-anime shows! First Bones and now SG1? I love it! I've watched the entire series :D Good luck with the edits! That's so exciting to be in the home stretch! I'm working on my first read through right now of my NaNoNovel.